Remix Culture Course (day 2)

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What’s going on? Travelling is marvelous. Because you go deep into a different world. But at the same time, your Inbox is still there. And he doesn’s stop his work (Because anybody knows that his name is Inbox Martínez).

Remix Culture Course - Amsterdam

So, second day of the Remix Culture Course. Let’s gonna share some notes:

  • We started with a speech by Paul Duncam. I didn’t agree in some points with him. The main disagreement was that is he celebrates «youth and transgresive culture». And to explain that, he showed some meme where kids are torturing barbies…at the end of his speech, I was asking myself: Why is it funny to you videos where the people are torturing toys? Don’t you have any other kind of videos to represent the idea of «youth and transgresive culture»? I mean, of course these kids are constructing their identities by videos like them. And we can’t stop it. And we can’t censor it. So, my point is: we have to negotiate. We have to take conversations with them after they publish videos like that. We have to post-moderate this contents. If not, we could be against this natural practices. Also I think that Youtube has a lot of problems as a platform. So, just don’t celebrate it. Because a person without clothe is politically incorrect for Youtube. And they are constructing an invisible and strong idea of what is and what is not politically correct. Anyway, Paul gave us some good quotes.
  • «Fandon defines by afinity and not by locality»
  • «Characteristics of this young groups: 1. Self organization. 2. Diversity of knowledge. 3. Indirect collaboration. 4. Adaptative contexts».

In the second part of the day, we were working again with Michiel Koelink, who was teaching us about photohacking. These were my two photohacks (in 30 minutes):

Obama Remixed

Obama Remixed

At the end of the day, we were at the Netherlands Media Art Institute. We were watching some videos from their collection. But I want to point it out one of them. It’s a video by Pilvi Takala titled «Real Snow White«. So, one actress is wearing clothes like if she is the real Snow Whit». She try to go inside of Disneyland Paris. And of course she can’t. But at the same time, all the people is trying to take pictures with her. I like it so much because of some reasons: it’s simple. It uses theather tools. And it talks about the copyright system.




Jajajajaj the video of Pilvi Takala is very good!! Reality hacking!!

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