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Remix Culture Course - Amsterdam

First of all, sorry for my english. You’re gonna read some mistakes. It’s important for me to improve it by doing. So, please focus on the content and forget mistakes!

So, I’m taking part of a workshop called «Remix Culture, crossovers in arts and media education«. Wow, if you know me, you can imagine that when I read this title I thought: “Is this developed for me?”. But I was wrong. In Dakar I knew Remix the Commons. The ECF (we collaborate with them) select Remapping Europe to talk about how we can remix our european identities. So, now I can see that remix is making more and more bigger as a professional field, and I am a little ant working in a little corner.

I’ll try to tell you all of my ideas/quotes/links of this course. But, first of all, one pre-storytelling notice: I’m gonna use Amador Savater way of storytelling in our spanish revolution: just sharing notes, without structural or styling concerns. I will be chronological and sorry, I couldn’t specify quotes by people. Anyway, you can check if you want the programm (PDF) and this text called «Informal Visual Networks» (PDF) by Emiel Heijnen, director of the course.

Remix Culture - Amsterdam

Remix Culture Course - Amsterdam

  • Derivative works.
  • Do you remember the mythical and fantastic chapter of Lost called “The constant”? If Lost would call Remix Culture Studies, the constant will be Henry Jenkins.
  • Folk Culture.
  • Could we think in Harry Potter as a common? Sofía told me before I interviewed Henry Jenkins in Barcelona (I’ll have the video very soon, I promise) that we can’t talk about a common because, as Ostrom said, commons are about “active communities of practice who are managing resources that generate collective benefits” (Sorry, I didn’t check the original quote, so I don’t know if the translation is incorrectly). So, when we talk about commons, we exclude market and goverment. Sofía suggested me to talk about common notion. But, taking distance from this deep debate, I agree with Jenkins (and the organizers of this course) that it’s fair and coherent if we use mainstream icons to make critical messages.
  • In this course we are trying to improve our art learning contexts. But I have to confess that I don’t feel confortable with the word art. Anyway I can see in this course a lot of art teachers. So, just shut up Felipe.
  • Lawrence Lessig.
  • If you allow the others to remix your work, then you’re taking care of commons. BUT, if nobody remix your work…then you have to ask yourself: Am I generating cultural surplus? Because if you don’t have a community who remix your work, then you are not supporting commons.
  • Oh shit, Pogo is working for Pixar! Now I feel that we have to distinguish between Remix and Critical/Political Remix. Because, of course, Pogo is a remixer. But he is reproducing the mainstream model.
  • «Remix centers on the concept of appropation»
  •  Lev Manovich.
  • Hybrid Media.
  • Kirby Ferguson says: «Remix is defined as combining or editing existing materials to produce a new product». Ok, but the question is…what it means “New” in this all-remixed-world? May be “New” it’s just an obssesion of artists who want to protect their authorship, or simply an effective marketing tool.
  • Participatory Culture.
  • We have to research remix in non-occidental contexts.
  • «How Lord of The Rings Should Have Ended«.
  • Charles Leadbeater.
  • Sense of humor.
  • – Oh…I’ve checked that Hitler Meme is global. Because, I usually show very local versions in our workshops and here in the course we’ve watched this metalinguistic version: «Hitler reacts to the Hitler parodies being removed from YouTube» (It’s fucking great).
  • Gendered remixer.
  • Barbie Liberation Organization! I know some girls who would love this project jiji.
  • «Disney Princesses«, a very interesting photo-project by Sarah Maple, deconstructing gender-stereothypes with disney-woman-icons.
  • We have to re-write the story of Mickey Mouse.
  • Transformative works.
  • We have to learn about organic cultural memes to use it in a political way. For example: Balotelli meme.
  • «Explicit Content Only» – Evan Roth.
  • «Face to Facebook» – Alessandro Ludovico.
  • To film a film. Refilming.
  • «Mulplicity of reality coexist».
  • Bottom-up curriculum.
  • We have to share how did we do the workshop inside the workshop. Our pre-methodologies, our mistakes, our fears, our concerns…and also our successes.
  • «When the art world trying become a world», by Julian Stallabrass.
  • «When Faith Moves Mountains«, by Francis Alys.
  • «How to build a google street view car«. by F.A.T.
  • «Copyright is so 90’s».
  • First content, then pedagogy.
  • Digital Nostalgia. So now we’re using Instagram. New technologie which allow us to simulate old technology. THE WAY WE ARE.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to find sources. If you think in Tumblr, most of people just reblog contents. But, in general, they don’t ask themselves: Where does it come from?
  • If it’s fun then you share. Can we make fun and critical works at the same time?
  • I’m showing that our most used metaphor IT WORKS: Wikipedia as a contemporany palimpsest.
End of the day one. Thank you!

Remix Culture Course - Amsterdam+




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«So, when we talk about commons, we exclude market and goverment». ¿WHY?

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