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Recordar.TV, listening to our elders

by rubendiaz

Recordar TV (Remember TV) is an internet television built up from the perspective of the elderly. It aims to encourage digital literacy among this collective, promote their stories, which do not often take part on the net, and also help with the local issues that could be of public interest on the internet. This is an internet television project, therefore we will not only publish videos, we will take advantage as well of the multimedia languages that are possible on the web.

You can find an English version of the project’s dossier here

The elderly of our society have many things to tell us and Recordar TV has a vocation for listening to them. We would like to encourage those stories which are not usually present on the web and look after local worries subject to public interest and also being creative at the same time. And we would like to do it through an internet television. But not just any television on the internet, but one which is made from the perspective of the elderly. For and by them. And, in that way, help out with the digital literacy of this wide social group, which is highly relevant nowadays in the current paradigm in which life expectancy keeps increasing.

The lack of communication of a society with their elders usually is not an issue of age difference, neither it is due to diverse generations not understanding one another. Sometimes it happens that the tools we use to do it are just different. Because growing older not necessarily means stop being young. That is the reason why we want to share the tools that exist nowadays with people that did not have, for whatever reason, the chance to get to know or handle them with ease to make them part of their everyday life.

We are going to explore the lands where languages get mixed up, where prejudices vanish away, where lives cross one another. We are going to play again.

Because it is never too late to learn. And it does not matter how much you know, but how willing you are to keep learning.

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