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International call for Political Remix Videos

by ZEMOS98

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The call for Political Remix Videos (PVRs) is open until December 25th 2011. EMBED, together with the European Cultural Foundation and the Doc Next Network, call for international PVRs. Works participating will become part of EMBED events. Some of them will be included in the Doc Next Network media collection.



Since last year, EMBED has been collaborating with the Doc Next Network by ZEMOS98 (more info here). EMBED has been researching the narratives and uses of audiovisual remix as a tool of reflecting in a critical way.

Now, this call is looking forward to knowing and cataloguing PVRs.


Rules of participation for international call for PVR

We are searching for audiovisual stories that use images to give people food for thought. We absolutely agree with the definition and editorial guide at


Political Remix Video (PRV) is a genre of transformative DIY media production whereby creators critique power structures, deconstruct social myths and challenge dominate media messages through re-cutting and re-framing fragments of mainstream media and the popular culture.

These remix works have their roots in the tradition {détournement} where artists twist and subvert mass media, re-purposing it to present alternative messages and narratives. Although PRVs vary widely in form, topic and message, they share are a few common aspects.

First, PRVs present political messages. The word «political» in this context refers to works that are critical of not only of political institutions and government policy, but also social and cultural issues like gender, race, sexuality and environment.

Second, PRVs are guerrilla works as they use the appropriation of corporate intellectual property without the permission of the copyright holder. In addition, these remixes are often highly critical of the source media, making the work particularly vulnerable to DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a United States copyright law) takedown notices.

Third, PRV works utilize and embrace dominant media forms as the structure of their alternative messages. These include short news segments, TV ads, speech excerpts, movie trailers and music videos. Unlike most contemporary «video art», remixers are not critiquing sound bite-driven forms of mainstream media through the construction of a non-narrative. Instead, PRVs attempt to form an argument and convey a message in a familiar structure, using the framework as a vehicle to deliver subversive political messages. This makes PRVs accessible to the general public, not just the art world or academics. This accessibility of both form and message is one of the core aspects to the works in this remix genre.

Intellectual property laws are being debated. We defend fair uses and freedom of expression thanks to the rights of quote and parody. This call comes to carry on thinking about these issues which we have already debated within this platform.

In any case, every media-maker participating this call will be responsible for the audiovisual sources and footage he o she is using. So please, keep it in mind when you license your work: quote all sources you used.



All participants (no matter which nationality or how old the media-maker is) can subscribe a maximum of three works (one entry form per each). No matter date of production of the work.


Formats, duration and language

Works entries are ONLY online. You are allowed to use either a platform that lets you license your work or upload it to your own server or share it within a P2P network.

Every digital video format will be taken.

Duration: less than 10 min. (including the final credits).

Language: English or Spanish.



Members of EMBED, the Doc Next Network and some other person invited will be part from the Selection Committee.

The selection will work as a playlist for 2012 events related to EMBED. Every time the selection is screened in the future, every media-maker will be paid with 150 EUR (taxes included) as remuneration for public communication.

Apart from this playlist, works that are: less than 5 min. long, in English or subtitled into English and made by European youngsters (born from 1980 on) could be included within the Doc Next Network media collection.

Selection of works, as well as dates and venues for the screenings, will be published at EMBED.



Media-makers must register through an online form.

Submissions must be accompanied by at least two images (in JPG or PNG format, and at least 720 x 576 pixels).

Participation in this call implies acceptance of these guidelines.



For any questions or suggestions, please contact ZEMOS98 team at


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